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Qualified Educators and Mentors

All of the teachers in the academy are under the supervision of engineer sheikha Zeinab Helmy Qutob.

Engineer Sheikha Zeinab Helmy Qutob is certified for Qira'a and Iqraa' of the Holy Qur'an, as narrated by Hafs upon 'Aasim from the way of As- Shatibiyah, with continuous Sanad connected to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She received her Ijaza from Sheikh Ahmad Abdul Aziz Al Zayat, the highest in Isnad among the Muslim's world Muqriee'n.

All of our instructors are highly qualified and certified (with Ijaza) with a Sanad connected to the Prophet (SAWS) and/or are graduates of the Institute of Qira'aat, Al- Azhar University, and Dar el Uloom. The instructors are skilled in assisting students to create the relationship with the Quran and trained in handling various candidates and different age groups.

Our Achievements

- Thousands of students have learned to properly read the Quran with tajweed
- Hundreds have become huffath and imams
- Many of our students also attain ijazahs and compete in internationally recognized competitions.
- Hundreds of Islamic and Weekend School Teachers have received training and certification to properly educate the future generations.