For Children

  • From age five the child starts learning Qur'an with Tajweed, memorizing what he can handle.
  • At the age of six (after one year of studying) the child should be done reading the whole Qur'an with Tajweed in addition to memorizing from half to one Juz' of the Qur'an (From the 30th Juz') depending on his abilities.
  • After this stage, the child starts a program for memorizing the whole Qur'an, scheduled based on his abilities.
  • In order to accomplish the above mentioned part of the program in one year a student should receive an hour a day of the interactive training.
  • If the student is working less than an hour a day, the time needed will increase up to two years or more in order to accomplish the above mentioned part of the program.
  • From six to twelve years, a child moves to the next level, memorizing the whole Qur'an at a pace of four Juz' in the first year then five Juz' a year for the five following years to complete the Holy Qur'an with solid memorization and with perfect Tajweed in six years.
  • A student should be regularly studying one hour a day assisted by his Sheikh in addition to another hour to review what he had memorized.
  • Review can be done by a qualified family member, although it is always preferable that his Sheikh reviews with him to ensure solidification of Hifz.
  • After finishing the stage of memorization and Hifz of the Holy Qur'an, the student is evaluated and given a certificate of what he accomplished.
  • In addition, the student will memorize Matn Tuhfatul Atfaal and Al Muqadimah al Jaziriya and will study the rules of Tajweed.
  • The above mentioned program takes as a reference the Qur'an recitation by Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al Husary (Al Mushaf Al Mu'alim-Al Mushaf Al Muratel). You can check the following website:
  • AYA after school program

For Adults

  • For beginners, the schedule is the same as the children's program.
  • If the student has some knowledge of Tajweed, his performance is evaluated and a program is designed for him/her to suit their level based on the evaluation.
  • In both cases the goal is to perfect Qur'an pronunciation, complete rules of Tilawa and memorize the whole Qur'an or part of it.
  • The student will be given a certificate of reading the Qur'an as narrated by Hafs upon Aasim from the way of Shatibiyah.
  • Study The Tajweed Book

To obtain an Ijaza certificatoin, the following requirements must be met

  • Memorizing the whole Qur'an as narrated by Hafs upon Aasim from the way of Shatibiyah.
  • Knowing the rules of Qira' to observe as narrated by Hafs upon Aasim from the way of Shatibiyah and At Tayibah.
  • Passing the Tajweed test (The Tajweed Book) with a score of ninety percent or above.
  • Memorizing Matn Tuhfatul Atfaal by Sheikh Sulayman Al Jamzurey and Al Muqadimah al Jaziriya by Sheikh Shams Al Deen Muhammad Ibn Al Jazeriy.